The Process

Porcelain clay has been celebrated for its purity, strength and beauty. 

Welcome to Niamh.Co handmade fine porcelain jewelry. Each piece is hand formed and fired in my kiln at my studio in San Francisco. Each single piece is formed from pure porcelain solely by myself.

The jewelry is fired twice (up to 1950 degrees) to ensure strength and durability. Real 22kt gold lustre is applied to these pieces and then fired again

I love working with clay because of the possibilities that it allows. The beauty of porcelain is that I am able to make an elegant object that can be worn, made from natural raw materials.

It is important to remember that these pieces are made from porcelain, and as such should be cared for. Avoid putting on your jewelry over hard surfaces (tile or concrete) or hitting against objects.

Gold glaze is a 22kt luster surface treatment and may tarnish or fade if not cared for. Keep these pieces separate from other jewelry and avoid salt water and harsh chemicals. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me through the contact section.